Considerations on the strategic transformation of enterprise diversification combined with the adven

2022-04-14 01:42

The digital renminbi is gradually approaching, and the bank's "cardless era" that the market is shouting is accelerating. How will traditional banking appliance manufacturers change their thinking and seize the staged opportunities created by this equipment transformation?


The rapid development of mobile payment and the intelligent upgrade of bank outlets have disrupted the original pace of many banking equipment manufacturers, prompting companies in the industry chain to usher in accelerated transformation and development. At present, it will involve a comprehensive upgrade and transformation of banks, scene equipment, and systems, mainly focusing on the reengineering of processes, the improvement of encryption methods, the transformation of hardware equipment such as ATMs, and the upgrade of corresponding software systems.

How to transform into the "card-free era" is a test. The reduction of physical outlets and the mainstreaming of electronic accounts make the transformation of equipment manufacturers inevitable. More and more appliance manufacturers have launched the exploration of digital renminbi and new smart banking business, extending the product chain from "cash processing" to "smart banking"; it is the general trend to develop from low-end business to high-end, complex and core business.

As an excellent domestic manufacturer of intelligent financial equipment, Double Power Technology has been continuously increasing its R&D investment in areas such as intelligent banking equipment, intelligent treasury, and banking equipment management system. From the production of smart devices to the exploration of digital wallets, Double Power has experienced the exploration of diversified strategic transformation. We have gradually shifted from on-site appliance services to back-end banking business. Through the vault cash flow platform, we have improved the operational efficiency of the bank's back-end business.

Advance due to time, Follow the trend,Providing efficient smart treasury solutions and improving the efficiency of offline finance is the Double Power's long-term development path. In the future, we will continue to explore the possibility of the integration of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and smart devices, continue to develop products that are in line with the new business development direction of banks, and help financial institutions build full wealth management capabilities.