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Multi-currency Banknote Value Counter

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1. Super counterfeit detecting ability, detects the latest encryption feature of ES2 EUR series especially.

2. Double Highdefinition CIS sensors, detects worldwide currencies with advanced image recognition technology.

3. Multicurrency value & mix counting, automatic currency recognition. Supports mix counting of EUR, USD, GBP and local currency at the same time.

4. Access to note transport path, easy to clean and maintain.

5. Extra large TFT display, user-friendly interface.

6. Easy software update via USB flash disk, (Optional: LAN connection), USB connection or RS232 connection.

7. Multizone high density magnetic ink distribution detecting for all over world currency, can catch super dollar.

DP-7300 / 7300 Plus




IR, MG, MT, UV, Double notes

IR, MG, MT, UV, High resolution dual CIS, Double notes

IR, MG, MT, UV, Double notes

Mixed Speed

1000 notes/min

800 notes/min

1000 notes/min

Sort Speed

1200 notes/min

1000 notes/min

1200 notes/min

Counting Speed

1500 notes/min

1500 notes/min

1500 notes/min

Hopper Capacity

300 notes

Stacker Capacity

200 notes


3.5'' Screen


(L)263*(W)268*(H)255 mm


6.4 kg

6.6 kg  

6.3 kg  

Power Supply

AC 100-240 V, 50/60   Hz   


RS232, RJ-11, USB, SD card,   (Optional: LAN)

RS232, RJ-11, Double USB,   (Optional: LAN)

RS232, USB, SD card