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1. Multi-currency detection: up to 8 currencies.

2. Euro, and US Dollar banknotes detection as standard. Local currencies by your choice.

3. Shows total amount and number of accepted banknotes.

4. Banknote exit direction can be chosen according to your request.

5. Counterfeit banknote alarm with visual and audio alert.

6. Portable with built-in rechargeable battery(optional).

7. Access to note transport path, easy to clean and maintain.

8. Software can be updated via microSD card or USB connection.

Detection: IR, Spectrum, Optics, MG, Length, Thickness

Speed : <0.5 s/sheet

Rechargeable battery (Optional): 11.1 V/600 m Ah  

Dimensions: (L)155*(W)137*(H)82 mm

Weight: 0.54 kg(without battery)

Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, DC12 V/1 A

Interface: USB, SD card